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We have boarding facilities at both locations. We offer the normal amenities of food, water, bedding, and lots of love. While we do supply food, you may want to bring your pet's own food for those who are choosy about their food.

We provide Dog Kennels and Cat Condos

  • Air conditioned & heated boardingOnline Forms
  • 24 Inside Runs for dogs (WSAH)
  • 16 Inside Runs for dogs (VMC)
  • 14 Inside Cat Condos for kitties (WSAH)
  • 10 Inside Cat Condos for kitties (VMC)
  • Outside fenced-in play area
  • Care for pets with daily medications (small additional fee will apply)

Fee Structure

Our fees are structured so that we are able to reserve a kennel or condo spot for each day regardless of drop off or pick up time. This allows owners to drop their pets off during business hours at their convenience and to pick up their pets either during business hours or by utilizing our keycard access during off hours. If you are returning on a holiday or Sunday, using the keycard access allows you to pick up your pet during off hours. Please note that keycards expire at midnight on the day you have indicated you will be picking up.

Proof of vaccinations

The State of Pennsylvania requires us to have proof of vaccinations signed by a licensed veterinarian for all pets being kenneled at our facility. In addition to the distemper series for dogs (DHLPP or DHP-P), and Rabies vaccines, they will need to have their Bordetella vaccination. This required vaccination provides protection from Kennel Cough which is a form of bronchitis that is very contagious and affects many dogs annually. The Bordetella vaccine must be given 72 hours prior to boarding but it is good for one year. For cats, the distemper series (FVRCP) and Rabies are required for boarding. Even if your pets are up to date on all required vaccines from another clinic, they are required to be seen by one of our veterinarians yearly for a well visit.

IMPORTANT: In consideration to all hospitalized and boarding pets we strive to control parasites in our facility. To accomplish this, all pets will be checked over for fleas upon admission and treated if necessary. All pets must have had a negative fecal exam within the last 12 months prior to boarding. Boarding reservations are also required. It is recommended you call in advance, especially around the holidays, as we fill up fast.