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We recommend that all pets be given some form of permanent identification. Microchips can help get your pet home to you if they are lost or stolen. This permanent identification can also be used for a Tioga County lifetime dog license. You can get a copy of the dog license form for Tioga County by clicking here The Tioga County Courthouse is located at 118 Main Street, Wellsboro, PA 16901 Phone: (570) 723-8191.

  • Microchip - A small microchip (about the size of a small grain of rice) is implanted under the skin between the shoulder blades. Each microchip is encoded with a unique number which can be read using a special microchip scanner. If your pet is lost or stolen, a vet clinic or humane society can scan your pet for the microchip. Microchip databases are maintained nationwide which greatly increases the chances of your pet being successfully returned. Microchipping is recommended during spay and neutering but can also be placed during a regular office visit.